Loveworld Music artistes Tru South and Christian K teams up in this new gospel song “Christ Is On The Way“.

This song seeks to remind us that the master is indeed coming shortly as the prophecies and signs of His coming keep unfolding before our very own eyes.

Let us also make preparations as we await His coming while doing the works He has sent us to do and reach more people with the gospel. Come Lord! Amen.

Lyrics of Christ Is On The Way by Tru South & Christian K

I saw his eyes like flames of fire
Out of His mouth came two edged sword
I saw the saints
The spirits of just men made perfect
The twenty four elders that sits before the throne
And unto Him who sits upon the throne
Who has a name that nobody else knows but Him alone
(Hmmm on the way)
Christ is on his way

Christian K

His on the way
Jesus the Lord on the way
It’s time to live for Him

As the trumpets sound
The dead in Christ will rise
And we who are alive
Will be taken out of here
To meet Him in the air

And we will hear the sound
Loud in our spirit
No matter where we are
The power of the Lord
Will take us out of here

For Christ is coming soon
He is coming for His church
It’s time to let the whole world know
So live your life for Him
For Christ is on His way

There’s no time to wait
Make a vow today
To give your life to Him
And live your life for Him
For Christ is on His way

Tru South

I’m thinking about a new Jerusalem
Where we’re gonna be with all of our brethren
Those dead in Christ they all gonna live again
So if you lost a love one y’all gonna meet again
We bow down and worship
Praises to the lamb
Dressed in Glory better than Jewels and timberland
Jesus throw a party celebration all around
This is the sweet by and by

I tell you cuz we came with the first flight
Heavenly respite
And after seven years we’re going back for the last fight
Satan will be cast down
These demons will tear down
After for a thousand years we’re gonna be at the Lord’s side
And we are gonna be praised for all we did for the master

Christian K

Christ is coming soon(Jesus on the way)
He is coming for His church (coming for His church, without blemish)
It’s time to let the whole world know(let the whole world know)
So live your life for Him (Jesus on the way)
Christ is on His way

(There’s no need to wait) There’s no time to wait
(Make a choice today)Make a vow today
(Live your life for Him oh)
So give your life to Him(it’s doesn’t matter where you’ve been)
Live your life for Him(Make your life a new)
Christ is on His way

Tru South

Nothing, none of the pleasures of this world
Can ever replace eternity with the Lord
Nothing can separate me from the heavenlies
Trail and persecutions come my way but I navigate
Cuz we’re coming to the end of the church age
Never walk alone I walk around with the message
Christ must be preached till the dawn of the last day
Cuz we don’t see it in the Lord’s face
And then I see Kenneth Hagin, Kathryn Kuhlman, William Graham, Idahosa

I bring the souls that I won to the most high
So that we’re gonna shine brighter than the firmament of heaven
The crown of Glory
That’s another level
Christ is king and for sure there’s no rival
I hear the angels they’re singing praises
Hallelujah (Everybody come and join us and let us sing)

Christian K

Hallelujah, hallelujah
To the king of Kings
The lamb of God oh ho ho yh(oh ho ho)
(Jesus)Jesus(He is on the way) He is on His way
Oh Are you ready for the coming of the Lord yh (Hallelujah, hallelujah)
It’s not a story
It’s real
His coming again oh ho ho Jesus(oh ho ho ) Jesus He is on His way

It’s time to spread His good news come on everywhere(Hallelujah, hallelujah)
Tell every man and every woman that He is coming uh oh
Every boy and every girl oh ho ho (Jesus) Jesus (He is on the way) He is on His way

Come and join us everybody come on let us sing(Hallelujah, hallelujah)
From every tongue from every tribe yeah we will sing
There will be no more pain oh ho ho
(Jesus will reign with him) Jesus (we will reign with him) He is on His way (we will reign with Him yh)

For Christ is coming soon(And He is coming soon get ready, give your heart to Christ today)
He is coming for His church(He that hath the son of God hath life)
It’s time to let the whole world know(And He that hath not the son hath not life)
So live a life for Him( Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart)
For Christ is on his way(Give you life to Him today)

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