Is It Possible For Someone To Lose His Salvation?

Is it possible to lose salvation

Question: Thank you Pastor Chris. Is it possible for someone to lose his salvation if he went back to his old life after he got born again? From: Nongi (Zimbabwe)


No, you don’t lose your salvation. The only reason the only way anyone can lose his salvation is the total rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, if you backslide because you were ignorant, because you were a babe in Christ. You don’t lose your salvation the Holy Spirit will just continue to seek the opportunity to bring you back to the Lord.

So, you don’t really lose your salvation but you will just live without all of the blessings of God and that is sad. But if you die in that condition of backsliding state, then you gave up your salvation, too bad.

So, you don’t lose your salvation because you went back to your old life. No, the Lord continues to reach out to you and that’shy other Christians keep following you up, keep trying to go for you to try to bring you back to the fold but if you continue to reject, then if you die without coming back of cause you got trouble.

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