Your Loveworld Specials Season 3, Phase 7, Day 1

Your Loveworld Specials Season 3, Phase 7, Day 1

Season 3, Phase 7, Day 1

Opening Prayers led by Highly Esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi.

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc DD

I want to welcome you to today’s very special program.
This is Phase 7 of season 3, Your Loveworld specials.

The things I’ve been sharing with you since season 1, from 2020…I’ve shared with you God’s word; To provide you information and direction as children of God.

Of course I know that there are those who would not understand what we are talking about because for so long they were never trained in the things of the spirit.
They never really understood the word of God..
And this includes some preachers.
So it should no be surprising when you find that there are some ministers of the gospel who would even claim that Pastor Chris doesn’t know what he is talking about.
They probably heard what someone heard that someone said I said.
But that’s the way they’ve always lived their life. They’ve never really known Truth.

If someone wants to contest anything that I’ve said, he should turn to the bible. Go to the scriptures and try and find out if what I told you are consistent with it or not.
Get to know what I said first hand. That’s what you need.

And so far, everything I told you was going to happen as a result of what they had done, has been Absolutely consistent.

I told you their motivations, inspirations, and their own utterances have confirmed what I told you. I even told you the vaccines had been prepared ahead. Some doubted me, but even recently the president of the United States confirmed what i said.

Deception is for those who reject truth.
When you reject truth, you will be deceived.
This is a terrible deception that’s going on.
I told you the vaccine was not a vaccine and that it was planned for control.

They finally told you that the vaccine doesn’t cure you, stop you from being infected or from infecting others.
So why are you taking it?

I also told you about the Mask.
They have said by themselves, that the mask doesn’t protect you from Covid. If it doesn’t why are they telling you to wear it?

Dr. Fauci said that much. He stated it in his secret emails and stated it publicly at the beginning.

The mask is the symbol of control. It is the symbol of their safety. They know not only on their side, you have been captured.
These perpetrators are afraid.

We are talking about something of epic proportions; The scale of the disaster and decimation of business and economies around the world.
They understand what these means and won’t of their own let off. They went too far.
They had and still have deliberate policies of reconstruction of nations and settlements.
This is no game.

So we are not only talking about the reconstruction of populations but also of settlements….who owns what and who stays where….And drastically reducing the population of the world to what is manageable by them.

They are pitting people against themselves. Dissenting voices are separated as enemies of the state.

This is not new. Look into history. All despots have done the same thing. It is the oppressive voice of the wicked.

I want to begin today to press certain things home to you from the scriptures so you can understand what God thinks and how He wants us to live.

TLB. Psalm 11:1-7. Psalm 12:1-8

Those words are true and trustworthy.

Hear the words of Jesus to the Jews.
KJV John 5:43
Surely another will come, the bible tells us.

I hope I will have an opportunity this week to help you trace certain important truths in scripture to show you the consistency of revelation and bring it to our day.
What Jesus said here is so important.

1 John 2:18
Its referring to the ending of days.
It is referring to the same one which Jesus said was ‘another one’s which would come in his own name.

In John’s day, He knew the Antichrist spirit was there and manifesting in people in certain degrees. But he was referring to the one that would come.
This very one was also refered to by Paul.

2 Thess 2:1
The gathering together: The rapture of the church.
[9/6, 10:06 PM] PROFSET: V2:
I explained what the day of Christ refers to. It does no refer to the rapture but the day of Judgement… When He comes with all who had been raptured before. Jesus comes to establish his nation in the earth.

The day of Judgement/the second coming is refered to here.
A lot of people will defect from Christianity before it happens.

There are some people going around and saying some awkward things from the bible. They say there is no rapture of the church.

There are only 2 people refered to as the son of perdition.

  1. The Antichrist
  2. Judas Iscariot

He opposes anything that is called God or that is worshipped.
Paul is referring to what Jesus talked about in Matt 24:15-16

Jesus tells us that the prophet Daniel spoke of these things and that what Daniel said about the Antichrist is real.

The holy place is the temple of God.

Jesus told the Jews to flee when the Antichrist occupies the temple of God. Desolation will start.

Daniel 9: 26-27
These are weeks of years.
One week is 7 years.
He will sign a treaty with many for 7 years.
In the middle of the 7 years (three and half years into the period), He will cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease.
This is what Jesus was referring to.

By that time, the temple would have been rebuilt in Jerusalem.

Daniel 12:11-
Jesus referred to what Daniel prophesied.
1,290 is three and half years of 360 days per year which was the counting of that time.
Plus a 30 day period.
There would likely be a time between when the announcement is made to stop the sacrifice and when he goes into the temple to be God.

The words of Jesus are so important.
Matt 24:15

160 years before the birth of Christ, when the ruler, Antiochus the 4th, entered into the Temple and offered a pig as sacrifice, many thought that that was the Antichrist/man of sin.

The Antichrist will come as a man of peace. He may help with the building of the temple.
This is the man who will solve the middle east problem. He will bring all the warring factions together. The world will welcome him as a man Of peace until something happens.

2 Thess 2: 3-7
The Lord will consume the Antichrist with the spirit of his mouth. He will bring his government to an end.

God’s true people will not be deceived. Those who will be deceived are those who will perish.
They loved unrighteousness. They loved their selfish dreams.

Did you know that it’s the grace of God for you to hear truth and believe it?
Jesus said “while you have the light, believe in the light”.
That’s what you have to do.

Everything he said here concerns the ungodly/sinner. What about God’s people?.
See that? “Belief of the truth”.
Only through the gospel of Jesus Christ are you saved. There is no other way.

Revelations 13:1-
When you see something coming out of the sea, then it’s human.
When it’s coming from the pit/abyss, it is a spirit.

The name of Blasphemy!
When Daniel prophesied concerning the beast who would come, he called him several names. He refered to the kind of words that came out of the mouth of the man.

The beast was not a leopard, but was LIKE a leopard…
The leopard stands for the Grecian Empire.
The Bear is the Medo-persia empire.
The Lion is the Babylonian empire.

The beast will be supported by the prince of Persia.
The prince of Greecia will be the controlling beast of darkness and he will be supported by the prince of Persia.
Blasphemy comes from his mouth. He will utter words Inspired by the Babylonian prince of darkness.

I did show you about the 7 Kings…and then the 8th one.

Rev 13: 3-8
This Beast is a man; The Antichrist.
Satan is the Dragon
He gives his seat and authority to the Beast.

(There are some today who tell us that Satan is a good guy).

Satan also gives the Antichrist power to continue for 42 months.
[9/6, 10:07 PM] PROFSET: Revelations 17:1
Currently, the prince of Greecia, who would be this evil spirit that will be effectively possessing the Antichrist, is in the bottomless pit as at today.
He would have to come out that’s why he cannot be revealed yet because the spirit with which he works has not been Revealed.

Rev 11: 7
The 2 witnesses would have finished their testimony before they are killed by the beast coming out of the bottomless pit (the Prince of Greecia).

Every man takes up the character of the spirit that posseses him.
If a deaf spirit possesses someone, than man will be deaf. A spirit of infirmity causes people to be infirm

The world would be amazed to see all the Greeks many gods made into 1. A restoration of a system that they thought was over. That spirit manifests himself in the Antichrist.

Rev 17:1-3
The great whore/harlotry:
Refers to spiritual harlotry. This is the mother of all harlotry.
See what happened in the past.
Look at religions; their history and mythology. You’ll be amazed how similar they are.
See the similarities of Greek god Zeus, with Roman Jupiter.
This goes as far back as Babylon.
They come up with all kinds of stories.
Even in Eastern mysticism, you find the same stories..because they are rooted in Satanism. This is why God’s people need to be very careful.
You can be deceived by all kinds of religion.
But God’s word is proved by Jesus Christ..his resurrection from the dead!

Remember, this vision is a sign.
We are dealing with spiritual harlotry which has to do with all kinds of religion.
We live in a very very religious world.

Even self worship is some form of religion.
In India they’ve got millions of gods.

John wants to show us the judgement of the Great whore responsible for deceiving people with all kinds of religion.

He pictures for us the dominant religion of the day which swallowed up others because it was the state religion.

Same number: 7 heads and 10 horns.

(In the other chapter, the heads had crowns..which means they manifested in human leadership.)

Think about it.
This is responsible for all the various religions.
There has been the spilling of blood in all religions.
Only in Christianity did the Savior offer himself Once. He gave his own blood. Never took anyone’s blood. But gave his own divine, pure blood, which was accepted.

John was stunned at what he saw because this was a story in Greek mythology about the woman that was sitting on the beast. He had seen the symbols all over Greece; the story of Zeus who turned into a bull because he wanted Europa, a beautiful lady he had seen on the beach.
Europa rode on the beast and He eloped with her to Crete, raped her, and produced a son who was half man and half beast.

The angel shows this to John and John wondered with great admiration.

This part is what the other books of the world will never tell you:
ZEUS WAS A DEMON…and so was Europa.
They built their religion on these falsities.

V8: In John’s day, it wasn’t there. It used to be…but it had gone into the bottomless pit.
‘go into perdition’: we know the spirit of the Antichrist will go into perdition’.
The wounded head that was healed… The people wondered.

These 7 mountains have to do with kingdoms.
5 are fallen (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-persia, Greece).

6th Rome (was present at the time)
7th Revised- Rome (had not yet come)
8th: One world Government
That’s the plan that they have.
The Prince of Greecia will come back as the 8th one. He is the one controlling the Antichrist.
They will both go into perdition. They use the same names. Just that one is a man and the other is a spirit.

(This is where things are heading currently.
I will show you some information where exactly this is at the moment.
It’s amazing how things are moving so fast.
If you know your Bible, you will be preparing by winning souls and making the gospel the most important thing in your life.)

They will give their authority, their armies, their finances to the beast.

The waters- People all over the world.
[9/6, 10:07 PM] PROFSET: If this is not the time that he is supposed to carry out his work, why should we see him manifested in our cities towns and nations?

If therefore this is not the time, Who then is doing them? Who is carrying out this satanic personality?

That’s why our No must be No.
It is only the Antichrist who gives a mark and disallows you from the financial system.
Any other person coming up with such is doing so with na Antichrist spirit.
That’s why Gods people must say NO!!!

The only one who wants to exercise authority over your body is the Antichrist.
Infact, when that other beast joins him, he will cause those who don’t take the mask to be jailed and killed.

When you see state governors giving such decrees for jail terms because of the mask of vaccines, know that they are operating with an Antichrist spirit.
You ought to say NO.

How can someone want to take control of your human body? God doesn’t even do that. Only Satan does.

What in the world do they really think they are? They are speaking with the voice and we in the name of Jesus, cut them out.
We paralyze those laws in the name of Jesus Christ.
No, they can not succeed.

They are panicking now and afraid of lawsuits because of all they’ve done…that’s why they are pushing so hard.
But we have overcome the world with it’s hatred, deceptions and wickedness. Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.
In our communities, nations and states, we have over come the Antichrist spirit.
Greater is He that is in us!

Jesus told us “Cheer up, I have overcome the world” and we have the victory!!!

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